He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not.

Italian Proverb

Pregnancy & Beyond...

PuraVida Health offers nutition advice for the optimal health of both baby and mother from pre-conception through pregnancy and beyond.The health of the mother (and father) prior to conception is of vital importance for the long term health of your baby.  By assessing and addressing deficiencies in the diet and working on attaining a great nutritional status you know you will be giving your baby the best start possible.  

Combining a great diet with natural movement fitness training and regular massage is the best way to prepare the body for birth, keeping you and your growing family naturally healthy and glowing throughout pregnancy and beyond.


At PuraVida Health we believe that good health and fitness before, during and after pregnancy is key to both a healthy mother and baby. Zoë is a mother and understands the changes that occur both physically and mentally during pregnancy.  Having given birth at home without drugs or any medical intervention, relying only on breathwork and hypnotherapy Zoë found the birthing process to be a natural and beautiful life enhancing experience, so different from the screaming agonies often pictured on television.  

Combining three fundamental natural methods we aim to help women and their families have the easiest pregnancy possible.

  • good nutrition:  assessing the current condition of the body using various tests, and aiming to better it to provide the optimal conditions for a healthy pregnancyegular 
  • massage: to enhance the body's natural ability to give birth, opening up hips and encouraging the body to relax, 
  • regular movement and exercise: yoga, kettlebells and natural movement training all aid in making the body strong, healthy and vibrant to help maintain a healthy pregnancy an easier birth and to give the body strength required post birth and for the beautiful challenges ahead!

An antenatal and postnatal massage specialist who works together with mum and baby, both pre and post partum Zoë aims to create an optimal plan for every mother to suit her individual needs along with that of her baby.  By nurturing the body through diet, creating the perfect environment for the baby, and through massage and breathwork, encouraging all the good hormones to flood the mother's body for her own and her baby's wellbeing both mother and child will be more relaxed and healthy, ready for birth and life beyond.

Each pregnancy program is carefully tailored to each mother or mother to be, taking into consideration the personal circumstances of her pregnancy: nutritional status, fitness level and general health.


Great care is taken to work with mums, tailoring diet and massage to the individual mother and each stage of her pregnancy and post partum, taking into account any personal circumstances or complications that might restrict their current movement patterns or that may require dietary assistance and support.  Many mums don't want to use pregnancy as an excuse not to move and PuraVida provides pregnant woman with the confidence and reassurance to work hard, maintaining their fitness and glowing health and leaving them feeling great! 


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If you are trying for a baby, are pregnant or a new mum, why not contact PuraVida Health and gain the confidence you need for glowing health before, during and after pregnancy


For further information on how we can help you during, before or after pregnancy please contact us on  info@puravidahealth.co.uk or call 020 3463 9216

Please be aware that pregnant women who have not exercised before should not do so without the guidance of a professional and their doctor's approval.  Previously active women should seek professional advice before beginning a new movement programme (such as kettlebells) or exercise not previously practiced.