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MovNat Inspired Fitness Training

Erwan Le Corre's MovNat is the next biggest thing in fitness.  Actually it is fitness training without actually fitness training, the concept being about taking away the dull and repetitive gym style workout and replacing it with truly natural movement.   As human beings, there are certain movements our bodies were designed to perform, and for one reason, our survival.  We have developed certain physical abilities, the potential to be able to run, crawl, swim, carry, throw, jump etc in order to survive in the natural world.  Just by chance these also happen to be the movements and activities that will give us the best looking bodies and keep us in tip top condition if we perform them regularly.

At PuraVida we truly believe that MovNat is one of the best ways to get you fit, stong, agile and moving in all the ways you should be as a human being.  There is nothing more off putting to the non fitness fanatic than the prospect of standing on a treadmill or sitting on an exercise bike for an hour waiting for that miraculous weight loss or muscle definition to appear.  With MovNat based exercise, the entire experience is different, the focus is not on 'training' or developing certain muscle groups, but rather on getting the entire being, body and mind into action to perform combinations or 'combos' of movements that are natural to us.  

The resulting 'workout' is fun filled, concentrated and focussed activity, that produces amazing results without you ever having to feel like you went to 'work out'.


At PuraVida we are good friend's with Erwan Le Corre and can't wait for the imminent arrival of the MovNat certification.  In the meantime we use MovNat style training to inspire and teach clients to increase their range of motion, improve strength and agility and escape from the monotony of the treadmill and generic gym based training.


We incorporate MovNat style training into many of our one to one personal training sessions, and specific MovNat skill sessions can also be arranged on a one to one basis. 


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Keep an eye on our site for details of MovNat's next training sessions in London with one of the MovNat team's Master Trainers