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VIVOBAREFOOT Running: the finer detail

Barefoot running has people in two camps, it sounds funky and slightly hippy, even kind of cool, and some rave about their new found freedom in their 'barefeet' training shoes or even without any form of shoe at all, but others have tried switching from their standard trainers to more minimalist shoes and suffered more injuries that when they used their usual shoes.

So, why run the 'Barefoot' way?

It is no coincidence that the best runners in the world grew up in barefoot communities, the human body was designed to run, it is what separates us from our evolutionary ancestors, the change from tree climbers to land hunters was a process that required us to develop the skill of running long distances.  

Yet here in the modern day West 1 in 3 runners will give up running due to injury.  

The reason we suffer so many injuries today is twofold.  Firstly, we have lost much of our physical ability through the life change from active hunter gatherers to desk bound communities who tramp to the office each day, and secondly, we compound this problem by removing ourselves even further from connection to the ground below us by wearing thick soled shoes, high heels and heavy trainers. 

At the stage we find ourselves in the Western world it is no wonder when we take off our trainers and try to run 'barefoot' we suffer injuries, our bodies are no longer ready to anticipate how to react to the ground beneath us.


At PuraVida we use the most up to date scientific research and the cutting edge VIVOBAREFOOT method of training.  Our focus is on simplicity and on finding the most effective methods to train the elasticity, rhythm and strength necessary for efficient, injury free, enjoyable running.

Our barefoot running training can be done on a one to one basis or at one of our VIVOBAREFOOT Running Clinics.


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