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Kettlebells: the finer detail


Kettlebells may only recently have become popular in the West as a method of training but they have been around for centuries, some studies suggesting they originated in Persia. Looking not dissimilar to an old style kettle without the spout, these flat bottomed balls with moulded handles are an awesome training tool for fast effective results for a toned, lean, superstrong body.

Interestingly the Kettlebells other name is Girya, in Russian, the Girevik means the kettlebell lifter, or the 'strong man'.

The Kettlebell was introduced to Russia as a weight for measuring goods at market  in the 1700s however the Russians began to lift and swing the Kettlebells to show their strength, hence the name Girevik derived from Girya for strong man or 'kettlebell lifter'

In the 1880s kettlebells were introduced to the sporting world in Russia when Dr Kraevskogo introduced kettlebell exercises to his athletic teams.  Kettlebells became a fundamental training tool across the former Soviet Union from the military to the Olympic athletes.  The government even enforced kettlebell training having seen the enormous physical benefits the sport offered.

At PuraVida we love the Kettlebell, it is such a versatile tool that really works deeply the muscles that support the skeletal structure, improving posture, bone strength, muscle strength and elasticity.  Training with Kettlebells will help you develop long lean muscles, without building bulk, giving you a flat stomach and a great ass!  The perfect tool for fat loss and as good for girls as for boys!


At PuraVida we started working with Kettlebells in 2006 and now use the IKSA and IUKL methods of training Kettlebells.  Head Coach Matt has worked and trained in Finland and Latvia with Vasily Ginko, 7 times absolute Kettlebell World Champion. PuraVida coaches hold both the male and female weight categorised gold medals from the World Kettlebell Championships 2011, New York. 


Don't be put off by our coaches' accolades, although we do train people specifically for the Kettlebell sport side of things if that is their desire, in general we use the Kettlebells as a conditioning tool, with the primary aims being to improve physique, fitness, and increase fat loss.  

We incorporate Kettlebells into many of our one to one personal training sessions, and specific Kettlebell skill sessions can also be arranged. 

PuraVida also runs Kettlebell Clinics for strengthening, toning and improving technique for faster and improved overall training results.


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