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Flexibility & Mobility: the finer detail

Nearly everything we do on a daily basis either requires or is much easier to do if we have the freedom to move our bodies without pain or restriction.  Nature built a beautiful machine when it built the human body, and this body has evolved to carry us miles and miles without breaking down.

The only problem is, just like a car, if the human body is left sitting for too long, things start to happen that make the movement less smooth and agile and more painful and irksome.  So just as the car, left for too long in the garage, will sputter its way down the street when it is finally taken out, so the body that is left sitting at the desk, on the train or in front of the TV, will feel the restrictions the sedantary postions has enforced on the body that needs and wants to be moving on a regular basis.

Muslces are surrounded by fascia - a thin 'skin' that joins each part of the body to the next, so everything in the body is interconnected from head to toe.  Spending too much time in seated positions both the muscles and the fascia tighten up to that restricted position of hunched shoulders and pinched hip flexors.  This in turn can effect every other part of the body resulting in sprains, strains, knee injuries, restricted movement and lower back pain to name but a few.

Static stretches do not help as they simply try to elongate a tight tense muscle inside a tight 'skin' that is the fascia.  This fascia needs to be warmed and manipulated in order to stretch with the muscles, so our focus is always on dynamic flexibility and mobility, with a focus on lubrication of the joints and tissues and a gradual correction of the postural issues that can lead to injury.   

PuraVida incorporates deep breathing release techniques into the flexibility & mobility sessions to promote a greater range of movement and flexibility and to internally massage the organs, sending oxygenised blood to all areas of the body for increased energy and athletic ability. 


At PuraVida we want our clients to feel the freedom of natural movement, that involves releasing hip flexors, freeing the ankle joints, creating greater flexibility in the foot and the fascia surrounding every muscle in the body.  Only by releasing all the tensions of every day living through flexibilty work can each client truly reach their potential in every other area of fitness training.  Our methods have been developed alongside CompactFit and IKSA, and have roots in Yoga, Pilates and Myofascial Release work. 


Our flexibility and mobility program forms part of each and every training session, specific sessions can also be arranged. 

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