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Event Training: the finer detail


Triathlon, Adventure racing, Endurance Racing, Ironman, Marathons, Skiing, Snowboarding, Arctic Trekking, whatever event you are embarking upon remember, success favours the well prepared!  At PuraVida we believe that any challenge be it an Arctic adventure, or a road race is a brilliant way to focus the mind and body and give your training a real boost.

Some take a challenge to beat the last adventure they undertook and live off the high the success factor brings, others are motivated by fitness goals, charity aims or by a sense of wanderlust adventure.  Whatever your motive for undertaking an event, we can help you reach your goal injury free and raring to go!

With extensive experience in program design leading up to events, sports specific training and cross training methods to minimise injury and maximise performance PuraVida coaches are ready to take you to the limit of your potential.

Our coaches are highly experienced in triathlon, adventure racing, running races of all kinds, skiing, snowboarding and mountain trekking.  Our aim is to help you achieve success.

At PuraVida we love an adventure and a challenge, from high level triathlon competitions to iceberg crossings, from marathon running to climbing ever higher peaks, we know how well a target can motivate you to success.   


Coming soon...

Keep your eyes peeled as PuraVida are soon to launch a top list  of adventure racing and events, carefully selected for clients to participate in, and train for with the PuraVida team.

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