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Boxing & Thai Boxing: the finer detail


Boxing is one of those generous sporting kind of workouts that doesn't really feel like a workout at all, it is fun, intense, fast and furious. The Boxing methods we teach have roots in Cuban style boxing and in Thai boxing. Combining the two incorporates training for efficient movement and rhythm, and develops elasticity and flexibility of the entire body as well as training the use of the breath for focus and power and increased stamina.  

Self defence is one of the core physical strengths natural to man as defined by Georges Herberts and his latter day counterpart Erwan le Corre of MovNat.  Boxing is the development of this natural movement, developed to improve fitness and enhance range of mobility and alertness whilst also providing a basis in the ability to defend yourself.

Boxing is almost a way of life in Cuba and, having won more Olympic gold medals than anyone else, they certainly know how to box, using a style based on old Soviet methods from the 1960s.  Featherlight, rhythmic, fast and smooth, that's how we like it. Combining this fluid style with moves from Thai boxing which incorporates the entire body, using kicks as well as punches for defence and attack, we find we get the best results in terms of range of motion, speed and agility from our clients.


At PuraVida we see boxing as the sport preparation for all sports.  The combination of body movement and mental power required for boxing skills develops speed of thought and body, we train our clients to be fast, flexible, strong, lean and fit.  


We incorporate Boxing and Thai Boxing combinations into many of our one to one personal training sessions, and specific Boxing skill sessions can also be arranged. 

PuraVida also run a selection of Boxing Technique Clinics covering basic moves and more advanced programs to increase speed and precision.


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