You may be walking on the solution to many of your health problems.

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Intense, Deep, Restorative Massage

PuraVida offers a unique range of massages based on a combination of Eastern and Western techniques.   All sources of tension can be addressed whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  Depending on the client deep work or very gentle touch may be used to help release blockages and encourage energy flow.


If you are looking for a massage that can help deal with long standing physical, physiological and stress related problems, get right to the heart of the issue and leave you feeling relaxed long after the treatment has finished, eliminating emotional and muscular tension from your body to leave you calm and re-energised, then welcome! - You have come to the right place!!

The physician must be experienced in many things, but most assuredly in rubbing…. For rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose, and loosen a joint that is too rigid.  Hippocrates, The "Father of Modern Medicine" 


At PuraVida, we use our combination of massage techniques to alleviate both physical restrictions in the body resulting from everyday bad postures, unnatural footwear, and general muscular and fascial tension.  Our massage techniques can assist in improving circulation, joint range of motion, flexibility, functional movement as well as the release of tension encouraging relaxation, releasing stress and restoring balance in the body. We can also assist with many common ailments including stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains and the recovery from anxiety and depression.

Too much unresolved stress in our lives can cause constant muscular tension, much of which we may even be unconscious of until it is released and we suddenly feel better.


Effects of stress on the body:

  • Physiologically: tension and tightness reduce the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles and organs leading to lack of function and restricted movement.  Tension also restricts nerve & lymph supply leaving us more vulnerable to disease and less energised. Tension creates a tendency for a build up of toxins, and reduces the flow of more subtle energy. In Eastern understanding energy flows through the Meridian lines of the body (accessed in acupuncture) and when blocked, the body's systems do not work as they should.
  • Physically: a build up of tension can lead to symptomatic feelings of fatigue, heaviness, aches and pains, tightness of muscles and stiffness. Muscular stress can increase the likelihood of strains and injuries. Muscular stress also distorts the skeletal structure, which may compound existing problems and create long-term irritations.
  • Holistically: blockages in Chi lead to stress, anxiety, illness and disease as the body is out of balance often resulting in aches pains and other symptoms that often can’t exactly be defined by Western medicine.



Eliminating the problem at its source, by releasing blocked Chi and getting rid of stagnant, excess Chi - allows the body to restore itself to health and wholeness.

Your practitioner is there to aid this journey; you need to be an active participant in the process, learning to breathe deeply and calmly, and allowing the practitioner to work at depth to remove the problem at its origin.  In treating you we will find, track and then clear the tension stored in your body.



The first part of massage treatment is analysis, exploring where the problems are and how deep they are, we follow this stage with an excavation - literally digging out the tension that has built up. Once the first assessment has been done your practitioner will discuss with you the best approach to clearing your tension, and a suitable maintainance level going forward.

During a massage session there is no need to discuss any issues that come, using the breath the session's aim is to help you release all different sources of tension physically.   


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Here are just some of the multiple benefits bodywork techniques can bestow upon you:

  • faster healing from physical and sporting injuries
  • relief from emotional stressors 
  • increased energy and metabolism
  • faster healing and recovery from illness and stress-related tension
  • increased range of motion in hips, lower back, ankles, wrists and other 'tight' areas
  • fewer injuries through sport or daily activity
  • total relaxation
  • sleep easy and reduce insomnia
  • relief from headaches and migraine
  • improve sciatica
  • reduced aches and pains in pregnancy
  • easier labour and faster post partum recovery
  • quicker adaptation to sport movements
  • physical goals reached more quickly
  • relief from constipation, diarrhea and IBS
  • reduced back, shoulder and neck pain
  • easier management of stress
  • gives a vital sense of touch that is often lacking in busy lives





Specific Treatments offered include:

  • Raynor Massage
  • Emmett Technique
  • Metamorphic Technique
  • Deep Healing Bodywork for Stress and Tension Release
  • Sports Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Pregnancy Massage



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