“They claim red meat is bad for you.  But I never saw a sick-looking tiger. ”

Chi Chi Rodriguez


Achieve your full potential with PuraVida...

PuraVida is a revolutionary natural health and fitness company with a unique philosophy based on evolutionary principles.  Nature spent millions of years perfecting the human body and we dont want to waste an ounce of Mother Nature's efforts! PuraVida works with you to manage your well being and fitness to ensure you take care of your body and life as nature intended.




Blast the blues away, move your way to an energised, leaner, stronger, kick ass body.

Nature dictates how each animal should move and we humans are no different.   Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years to enable us to move swiftly and fluidly over all sorts of terrain for miles and miles without problem.  So why is it that so many of us feel weak or have aches and pains that restrict us from doing even the most basic of movements!?  

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Eating the way nature intended does not have to be a chore. 


PuraVida believes that no diet is better than the one nature created for us. 

Just like every other creature on the planet, humans have a species-suitable diet. Humans are omnivorous creatures whose diets should be based on natural, unrefined foods such as organically sourced meats, fruits and vegetables.  PuraVida's therapists bring the latest in Nutrition, Dietetics and Functional Medicine methodologies for deeply effective natural healing.

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PuraVida offers a unique massage form based on a combination of techniques to provoke deep tension release and relaxation.

Massage and touch therapies in general are underused in Western society. It has been scientifically proven that people who experience less touch will develop less emotionally and suffer lower immunity from a host of acute and chronic diseases. At PuraVida we have found that using bodywork in combination with fitness training and/or nutrition helps people recover from injury and overcome stress (both physical and mental) much faster than without.

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Pregnancy and Beyond...

PuraVida offer pregnancy massage to promote relaxation in pregnancy, breath work to help calm the mind and body, ante and post natal nutritional support, along with core stability and flexibility programs to help the body go through the birth process with ease and recover swiftly and healthily.

PuraVida believes that both mental and physical good health before, during and after pregnancy are key to a healthy mother and baby.  We are mothers and understand the changes that occur both physically and mentally during pregnancy. Support both emotionally and physiologically through massage, movement and breathwork help to create a clear calm state of mind to ease the mother to be into a strong place from which to take the greatest and most important step of her life!

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Energy Work

At PuraVida we believe that perfect human health goes hand in hand with a perfect flow of energy. 

We believe that in order for everything to be functioning well physically, mentally and emotionally, there also needs to be perfectly functioning energy flow through the body, connection to self and flow between us and the universe.  Indeed it has been proven over and over again that contact with nature is essential to our wellbeing.  Because we too are part of nature.  We use Bi Aura Therapy to help reconnect clients to perfect energy flow, helping to ground them and reconnect them to the universal flow of energy that provides a constant reliable source of energy for all of us.

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