2011 brought many good things in the world of running, and barefoot running in particular has finally been getting the press and scientific attention it deserves.  

For many years, Matt Walker, PuraVida Health head coach has studied running under his own steam and the close guidance of running guru Lee Saxby.  In June 2011, Lee’s first VIVOBAREFOOT Training clinic presented a revolutionary new way of coaching barefoot natural running. A method not seen before, it made coaching the skill of barefoot running a beautiful art that was enjoyable for both the coach and the runner.

The VIVObarefoot method fits snuggly into the PuraVida Health philosophy of natural and functional training to heal the body and make you fit, lean and feeling great. Humans were designed by nature to run but our modern world has disconnected us and we need coaching to get back to what is “real” in movement

Many people think that to run “naturally”, you can simply take off your shoes and hey presto off you go, unfortunately this is what often causes injuries and a distrust for the barefoot movement. Taking off your shoes and running freely is a lovely romantic notion but as with many things in life it just doesn't work that way, and as long time shoe wearers, barefoot running is a skill that you must be coached in. Until now, however, the art of coaching natural running has been overcomplicated and not particularly enjoyable, leaving people feeling less confident than before they started thinking about barefoot running, and often leaving them confused or unsure as to whether they should run at all.  Fortunately times have changed.  Matt, who is a fully certified VIVOBAREFOOT Running Coach uses the method day in day out with great success and word is spreading like wild fire!

2011 saw the first VIVOBAREFOOT client workshop run by PuraVida’s running specialist, Matt, in the UK and it’s raging popularity spread to Tampere and Helsinki Finland where Matt and PuraVida Health trainer, Kristie (specialist in marathon running, adventure racing and triathlon training) were able to launch the first series of workshops in June, followed by more in December. Finnish organizers are so impressed they have pre-booked more dates for 2012!

Possibly the most popular form of coaching is one-on-one personal training and this is where Matt is using the method on a daily basis in London. Workshops are also very popular so stay tuned for more PuraVida VIVOBAREFOOT running workshops in London and beyond in 2012.


To book a one-on-one session with Matt Walker or enquire PuraVida Health’s VIVOBAREFOOT Running Workshops, email us at info@puravidahealth.co.uk and visit our website at PuraVida Health.