One for the girls...

In light of recent controversy surrounding faulty breast implants we thought it timely to help and encourage all women out there to do some easy exercises to get a natural "lift" and improve their overall body shape.

Breast tissue is not muscle, but predominantly fat (as well as other functional bits and pieces) so what we are aiming at is on working the muscles that support the breast.

The first and most important thing you can do to give your breasts that natural lift is to work on your posture. Hunched, rounded shoulders and sway backs do nothing aesthetically for sagging breasts.

Two of the best exercises that you can do for your posture are the Front Squat and the Overhead Squat.

Front Squat: taking a weighted bar (4-6kg), place it across the front of your chest (collar bone) with your arms extended straight in front, palms together, thumbs pointed to the sky. Keeping the weight on the balls of your feet, squat down aiming to get your bottom to your calf. As you go down, push your thumbs to the sky to keep your chest up. Initially it will help to elevate your heel an inch or two, use a folded towel, mat or broomhandle for support. This exercise is best done barefoot.

Overhead Squat: the same principles apply as for the front squat but this time take the bar above your head. Squat down into the same position, as you go down, the bar drifts backwards to stay above the balls of your feet and keep your chest up.

These two basic postural exercises should be done daily. An additional and useful tip is to set a reminder in your phone or on your watch for every hour or so to check your posture. By this we mean, remind yourself not to slouch, think 'stand/sit tall, shoulders back, chest up' (and wear a quality supportive bra). With these exercises over time, you will help your body to reprogram itself not to slouch (an unfortunate consequence of our modern seated existence)

Another basic exercise that can help perk the tired breast, is the press up. Most of us have at least attempted a press up at some point in our lives. Done correctly this exercise can help develop muscles in the shoulders and across chest that can help "lift" the breast without making you "bulky". There are many variations on a simple press up, but starting with the basics, on your hands and knees, take your hands about shoulder width apart, keeping your body straight like a plank and your body weight forward in the hands, lower your chest to the floor and back up using your arms. Avoid craning your neck forward, try to keep your spine and neck all in a nice straight line. Work on being able to do this first and then do sets of 10 or 20, rest and go again.

If this movement is already hard, try putting your hands on a step to reduce the range of movement and body weight you need to maneouvre.  As you get stronger you can lower the height of the step or box you are using, progress to the knees and eventually to a full body press up with weight just on hands and toes.

 For women who find that their breasts are too large, as mentioned earlier, breast tissue is predominantly made up of fat cells, so a combination of diet and exercise to target fat loss can greatly improve your confidence and appearance in relation to your breasts. 

As women, there are many things we can do to improve our shape naturally using both diet and exercise. Functional movement training that works the whole body and improves posture is the best place to start to combat sagging breasts and will have you standing tall with confidence.

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