Swiss Escape - Intense Mountain Luxury

 - Hidden Dragon - Switzerland

PuraVida Intense Mountain Escapes are designed to challenge the body and mind in fitness programs that push you past your perceived boundaries, using the natural environment of the Swiss Alps to provide the perfect natural training ground.  We combine our intense fitness regime with enticing gastronomical delights that are all perfectly designed to provide optimum nutrition for the physical and mental challenges of the day.  Adding PuraVida's unique tension releasing massage will ensure you let go of any long held tensions or stress, whilst helping your body recover optimally from the fitness activities.  
Using our three pillars of health we will ensure that an Intense Mountain week away with us leaves you feeling invigorated, glowing and bursting with energy, relieved of stresses and tensions of everyday life.  Come and Escape with us to the Hidden Dragon...
Your Intense Mountain Luxury Escape includes:
  • Exceptional standard of coaching tailored to individual fitness levels and requirements.
  • Physical challenges incorporating natural movement to enhance posture and increase range of movement.
  • Fitness coaching pushing you to your limits developing strength and endurance. 
  • Unique, life-changing philosophy encouraging a holistic approach to stress free living.
  • An education in eating based on scientific fundamentals and nutritional facts.
  • Gastronomical experience in healthy eating based on local, organic produce, guaranteed to satisfy after a hard day's training.
  • Personalised support, where needed, to complement the PuraVida nutrition program (121 nutrition counselling).
  • PuraVida touch therapy - tension release massage.
  • Adventure activities as part of your hard core fitness training.
  • Lots of pampering and luxury to reward your hard work!
  • Access to post holiday support from PuraVida for training, nutrition and massage work, and lifestyle management.

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