He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not.

Italian Proverb


PuraVida is a revolutionary natural health and fitness company with a unique philosophy stemming from the evolutionary principles of movement, nourishment and touch.  

Nature spent millions of years perfecting the human body to deal with anything it came across in it's evolution. What Mother Nature wasn't anticipating was a life full of computers and smartphones, deskbound day jobs and an onslaught of chemical toxins from every direction from the food we eat to the air we breathe.   The permanent state of stress that many of us live with today sadly often leads to a natural decline in fitness, health, energy and overall wellbeing and the prevalence of diet and stress related illnesses from diabetes to adrenal fatigue are sky rocketing in response.  

PuraVida works with you to manage your fitness and well-being to ensure you have the energy, vitality and drive to do all the things nature intended!


Our Mission  

Who of us does not want to feel more energised, fitter, leaner and injury or pain free, and has enough time to achieve all of these?

At PuraVida we specialise in helping time stretched people manage stress and retain or recover optimal health, whilst getting fit and lean, through training in natural movement, nutritional therapy and tension release restorative massage. 


What We Offer

Reinvent the way you care for your body and get the results you really want. Whether your aim is to lose weight, reduce stress, improve your health, get through pregnancy or recover after birth or simply feel happier, PuraVida provides a solution. With carefully selected training methods and highly experienced coaches, nutrition, massage and lifestyle specialists, PuraVida will find solutions to help you stay fit, happy and healthy in the fast paced machine that is modern life!

  • Bespoke personal training for individuals and groups based on functional natural movement.

  • Personalised nutrition advice and meal planning assistance to really help change the way you use food to change everything from your mood to your body shape.

  • Deeply effective massage techniques to release tension, relieve stress and any aches and pains associated with anything from running injuries to pregnancy related soreness

  • Individual and group coaching, intense 4-12 week packages, specific skill workshops and fitness and wellbeing escapes

So whether you want ongoing coaching, a one off massage or a fitness holiday that will change your life PuraVida has something that will make you feel good!


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