The human body is made up of some four hundred muscles; evolved through centuries of physical activity. Unless these are used, they will deteriorate.

Eugene Lyman Fisk


  • Zoë's passions:
  • Coaching Clients through Life Changes
  • Raynor Massage, Shiatsu, Emmett, Deep Release Massage
  • Nutritional Therapist 
  • (DipNT, BANT)
  • Functional Medicine & Nutrition
  • MovNat & Flexibility coach 
  • Functional Movement coach

Zoë Boston

PuraVida Health Founder

Zoë spent her youth participating in local distance runs & triathlons, swimming competitively and teaching children how to swim. Following university, she travelled the world for several years, exploring new places and cultures, learning various martial arts and massage techniques while squeezing in as much climbing, skiing and adventuring as possible. Returning to the UK, she decided to get 'sensible' and started a career in the financial markets.

Ten years on Zoë decided that her stressful and energy-draining City life was not compatible with her deep desire to be free, healthy and fit. She saw the need for a concept that enabled stressed and time-strapped urban professionals to maintain health, fitness and energy levels whilst working in time pressured energy draining environments. 

Zoë retrained in the subjects she felt passionate about. Studying massage techniques and nutrition based healing methods from around the world her true passion is to work with clients to help release deep tensions held in the body that may cause physiological, emotional or psychological stress. 

Zoe is a CoActive Life Coach specialising in helping people overcome stress in times of change, Zoë holds a space for clients to truly connect with their values, their passions and their inner powerful selves to help them realise their potential and embody vitality to create lasting change.

She is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine practitioner working with clients to improve their diet and lifestyle for better overall health and vitality.  

Zoë is also qualified in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Bi Aura Therapy, all of which help her deepen her connection with her clients, so she can create a safe space for them to open up.  In doing so clients can experience deep connection to themselves, which can touch on spirituality, and come away having had a broader and deeper experience.

In addition she has trained in Natural Movement Coaching with Erwan Le Corre in his MovNat philosophy, and is a former Wild Fitness coach.  She has worked as a coach in the UK, Europe and Africa.

Combining deeply healing and therapeutic bodywork techniques with nutritional therapy, natural movement coaching and other healing practices Zoë uses an upstream approach to address the root cause of her client's issues.  Combining all her studies she has worked to develop a holistic health maintenance and recovery programme for clients with limited time and excessive stress in their lives.



Rebecca Dennis

Transformational Breath® and Bodyworker
  • Rebecca's passions:

  • Transformational Breath work
  • Reiki 
  • Therapeutic holistic massage
  • Running
  • India
  • Travelling

Rebecca joined PuraVida Health after meeting Zoë at a yoga practice.  Discovering their combined passion for healing and nuturing the body with hands on natural techniques, they decided to start working together to create a product that helped clients help themselves on the road to recovery and wellness be it from small every day stresses or long term physical and emotional traumas.

Rebecca first studied holistic massage, physiology and anatomy in 2006.  She became interested in a number of different therapies and travelled to India to study reiki and energy healing.

Fascinated by her new found knowledge of the mind, body and soul connection she went on to train with the US founder of Transformational Breathing, Judith Kravitz in Mexico and Italy.  She discovered this was most powerful therapy she had ever experienced and wanted to show people how they could change their lives using this really simple technique.

During this time she was working in media and after 20 years in the industry  decided to take the big step to become a full time therapist.  She now has a regular practice helping people deal with stress, anxiety and every day challenges in life.