New Transformational Breathing and Deep Bodywork available as a combined session.

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Ready to change the way you feel - for good?

PuraVida Health provides a range of physical and nutritional therapies and coaching methods with a unique philosophy based on evolutionary principles.

Discover how small changes to your diet can have a big effect on your life...
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Providing life changing coaching to get your body and mind back in shape. PuraVida offers bespoke personal fitness training to get you fighting fit, lean and energised, personalised nutritional diet programs to optimise your performance at work and play, and deeply invigorating, healing and rejuvinating massage to release stress and tension, whether you need to recover from an injury, be well through your pregnancy or simply loosen up and regain balance and alignment.

Based in London and St Albans PuraVida Health has a program that may well change your life.  From  a one off massage or nutrition consultation to a full program of fitness, looking at everything from your body alignment and the way you breath to your kitchen cupboard contents, our experts can help you regain health, wellness and vitality.

Nature spent millions of years perfecting the human body and in just a few decades the daily grind of office work, stress, fast food and pollution have left the human species in decline. It is time to fight back with some seriously natural health and wellness training!


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Transformational Breathing, Bodywork and Natural Movement

Coming soon, our new Transformational Breathing sessions combined with deep body work and natural movement for profound changes …


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